Sheet Resistance Measurement

by EddyCus® TF Series

EddyCus® TF Series (Thin-Film) comprises a set of devices for contactless real-time testing of the sheet resistance of thin films utilizing contact free eddy current testing technology. The systems can also be utilized for characterization of sensitive films and hidden or encapsulated layers on glass, wafers, or foils. Applications are:

  • Sheet resistivity testing from 0.1 mOhm/sq to 3,000 Ohm/sq
  • Layer thickness measurement of metal-films from 5 nm to 500 microns
  • Conductivity mapping from 1% IACS (0.6 MS/m)
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Non-contact Sheet Resistance Measurement Solutions




EddyCus® TF lab 2020SR/4040SR

EddyCus® TF lab devices are sheet re­sist­ance and thickness measuring desk­top systems designed for quick non-contact thin film characterization in lab­o­ra­to­ries, R&D centers, and quality assurance departments in factories and fabs.

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR/5050SR

The EddyCus® TF map series is dedicated to fast mapping of sheet resistance, assessment of layer homogeneity, and the detection of local effects and defects. Systems are available as free standing test stands or desktop devices.

EddyCus® TF inline

The EddyCus® TF inline series comprises in­te­gra­tion kits for coating equipment en­a­bling contactless inline sheet resistance monitoring and process controlling for dep­o­si­tion processes of conductive thin films.

Testing Applications

  • Sheet resistance/resistivity testing for the as­sess­ment of deposition processes, annealing processes, doping processes, ablation processes, or oxidation processes (aging)
  • Thickness testing of metal films

Testing Applications

  • Sheet resistance mapping of TCO/TCMs, metals, and wafers
  • Layer thickness mapping of metallic thin films
  • Homogeneity mapping and defect detection (e.g. impurities, cracks, deposition effects)
  • Assessment of structured conductive thin films
  • Crack detection, wafer testing and material sorting

Testing Applications

  • Inline sheet resistance measurement and optimization of target utilization
  • Inline coating thickness measurement of metallic thin films
  • Substrate thickness measurement
  • Crack detection, wafer testing, and material sorting

Materials & Industries

Transparent Films

Fields of Application

Metallic Films

  • CNT (carbon nanotubes)
  • Metal nano-wires
  • Graphene films
  • Other
  • Architectural/float glass industry
  • Packaging foils & materials
  • PV/Solar & antistatic foils
  • Touch screens & flat monitors
  • LED/OLED & Smart-Glass applications
  • Semiconductor industry
  • De-icing & heating applications
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Molybdenum
  • Zinc
  • Silver
  • Other